Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings


BVS Executive Committee Meetings

Normally held on the first Thursday of each month, at 20:00 in the Village Hall meeting room, although a meeting is not normally held in August.  The actual day may be changed to ensure the committee is quorate.  Please check the home page or calendar to confirm the actual meeting date and time.


March 2020 Minutes

February 2020 - no meeting

January 2020 - no meeting

December 2019 Minutes

November 2019 - No meeting

October 2019 Minutes

September 2019 Minutes

August 2019 Minutes

July 2019 - No meeting

June 2019 Minutes

AGM 2019 Minutes

May 2019 - No meeting

April 2019 Minutes

March 2019

February 2019

January 2019 Minutes  

December 2018 Minutes

November 2018 Minutes

October 2018 Minutes

September 2018 Minutes

August 2018 Minutes

July 2018 Minutes

June 2018 Minutes

AGM Minutes (7th June)

May 2018 Minutes

April 2018 Minutes

March 2018 Minutes

February 2018 Minutes

January 2018 Minutes

December 2017 Minutes

November 2017 Minutes

October 2017 Minutes

September 2017 Minutes

August 2017 Minutes

July 2017 Minutes






Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held in June in the Village Hall Meeting Room, normally prior to the June Executive Committee Meeting