Bramley Village Diary

Adding an Event

Adding a single event to the diary requires the filling-in of a simple form.  The event can span more than one day if appropriate.  Once submitted, the form will be checked by BVS before the event becomes visible in the diary.  This may take a day or two.  



Adding Multiple or Repeating Events

If you have a large number of events during the year or have an event which is repeated regularly, the simplest solution (from our point of view) is for you to set up a Google Calendar specifically for those events you wish to appear in the Village Diary.  We can then link your Google Calendar directly to the Village Diary so that any events you add to your calendar automatically appear in the Village Diary.  If you would like to use this option then please get in contact so that we can provide more detailed instructions.

Need Help?

We're keen to make the Village Diary a success, so if you're not sure about the best way to proceed then please email us (Bramley Village Society)

Commercial Events

Please note that the Village Diary is primarily for use by the various clubs, societies, and community organisations in Bramley Parish.   If you wish to advertise a commercial event which you believe has a community focus then please contact the Bramley Village Society